Transform any space with Marble pigment cement floors . The perfect synergy between durability and earthly beauty with a lustrous feel thrown in for good measure. What adds to the earthly aesthetics of marble pigment cement flooring is the colors and textures available.

Marble pigment cement floors is a 3mm cementitious overlay screed system which can be applied over existing floor or wall substrates and are mainly used for indoor purposes. Marble pigment cement floors must be hand applied by a trained contractor .

When deciding on a floor finish here are some obvious advantages :


Marble pigment cement floors are extremely tough and durable, which make it a good choice.

Easy to maintain

Once installed and sealed these floors are easy to clean with a sweep and a mop you are good to go!

Long lasting

If properly installed, sealed and maintained these floors can last indefinitely compared to other types of flooring, therefore offers an excellent value for money. Marble pigment cement floors are even suitable for high traffic commercial applications l, which is simply amazing.

Design flexibility

Designers have the flexibility to choose from a variety of textures and colors.

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