About Us

Who We Are

Cape Coast Flooring strives to offer the best value and service, experience, and quality products for the Cementitious screed and Epoxy Industry in South Africa and altogether we have over 80 years of experience in the field. We tailor-fit your flooring to add extensive value to your floors.

We lead the field by taking pride in every job that we do. Our professional and highly skilled team is dedicated to providing every one of our valued customers with top quality, guaranteed workmanship.

We’re specialists in residential, commercial, and industrial floors. Our services include Marble Pigment Screeds, Polyurethane Resin Systems, High-build Epoxy systems & Resins, Terrazzo PMC systems, Stone Overlays, Polyurethane Screeds (Food grade Safe), and grind and polish of concrete surfaces.

For personal attention, give us a call about the application that catches your eye and we will gladly provide you with an end-to-end flooring solution value-added, guaranteed.

polyurethane flooring in warehouse

Tile Doctor SA

Been proudly treating tiles in Cape Town and the Western Cape for over 25 years.

Our specialist services include the treatment of newly installed tiles and/or the refurbishment of existing floors, from tile cleaning to tile stripping, tile sealing, marble cleaning and polishing as well as anti-slip treatment.