Terms & Conditions

Cape Coast Flooring specializes in a variety of applications in Colour Cement Flooring & Walls.

We guarantee our workmanship, products and services as per the details contained herein.

The QUOTATION for the goods and services listed to the attached quotation and is subject to the terms and conditions below:

The signatory of the quote/person accepting same would be the individual or the owner of the property responsible for the account.

Any quotations are valid for 14 (Fourteen) days only.

Quotations are calculated according to the product required, measured area and where the property is situated. Note that transport or other costs may increase the costs of installation in remote areas.

Kindly note that the attached quotation is based upon no extra preparation work required to the existing floors / walls unless stated otherwise on the quotation.

If floor and wall repairs are required prior to commencement and not specified in the quotation, the cost will be for the account of the Client and will be communicated to the client by Cape Coast Flooring and the Client will be invoiced accordingly.

Any additional preparation which is not specified on the quotation and any additional preparation that may be required or may occur while on site will be for the account of the Client. Such further costs will be communicated to the client prior to the commencement of such work.

Rubble removal is not included in this quotation.

No access is allowed on floors during the duration of the work as damage and blemishes may occur which cannot be removed. Any such damage will be for the account of the Client.


The colours will be available upon a site inspection with one of our sales managers, to provide a guideline only.

Although Cape Coast Flooring makes every effort to ensure the colours are as close as possible to the colours chosen by the client, unfortunately we cannot guarantee an exact colour match, as the colour swatches will vary depending on your screed, the contrast & brightness settings and factors beyond our control.

The colour samples and examples on the website are designed to provide you with a better idea of the colours we have available, The Client is to confirm its final colour and finish choice in writing at least 5 (five) working days prior to the commencement of work.

A mutually convenient commencement date shall be arranged between Cape Coast Flooring and the Client upon acceptance of this quotation and will be confirmed in writing to the Client.


A Deposit of ____% is payable in before the commencement of any work. A Commencement Date will only be finalized and secured once the _____% Deposit is received and reflects in the bank account of Cape Coast Flooring. Proof of Payment is required.

No work will commence and no material will be manufactured, supplied or work commenced save for upon receipt of the Proof of Payment and funds reflecting in the bank account of Cape Coast Flooring.

All Proof of Payments needs to be sent directly to info@capecoastflooring.co.za

The remainder (______%) will be due within 7 days after completion of the work.

Should any amounts remain outstanding, no warranty shall be provided on the goods/services of Cape Coast Flooring.

After payment of the deposit, no refunds will be given, nor refunds on leftover materials or reduced areas negotiated as Cape Coast Flooring pre-orders and manufactures the ordered amounts as per the quotation.

In the event that the commencement day is delayed by the Client, Cape Coast Flooring shall be entitled to withhold the deposit, labour and materials.

All materials and goods will remain the property of Cape Coast Flooring until the Client has settled the account in full.

Cape Coast Flooring retains the right to remove any such material(s) or goods in the event of refusal from Client to settle the account. The Client herewith undertakes to provide Cape Coast Flooring with unfettered access to the premises, should Cape Coast Flooring require.


Unsuitable weather conditions may cause Cape Coast Flooring to postpone the Commencement Date, which shall be determined by Cape Coast Flooring, in its sole discretion.

All materials & work shall carry a warranty for one (1) year subsequent to date of completion which will only come into effect once final payment has been received.

The Warranty does not cover any damage caused by Client, owner, animals or any other persons, damage caused by bad weather or other natural causes, nor does warranty cover any defects on the flooring, whether disclosed by the Client or not.

The condition & quality of the substrate (meaning the existing floor or base) onto which Cape Coast Flooring products are applied to and all the repairs and work thereto, is solely the responsibility of the Client. A Substandard Substrate may cause, amongst others, unsightly cracks and discolouration to the final product.

Cape Coast Flooring will be applied to a floor or base without cracks/defects – it is the Client’s sole responsibility to ensure the floor/base is fixed, repaired, prepared, cleaned and suitable for application prior to commencement of the work.

Cape Coast Flooring cannot be held liable and does not provide any guarantees on the repairs of cracks or defects re-appearing on the Substrate, causing damage to products supplied by Cape Coast Flooring.

The Substrate must be free from paint, dust, oil, glue, tar, old loose cement or any other contamination that could prevent the proper bonding of Cape Coast Flooring products to the Substrate.

Discolouration marks and blemishes on products supplied by Cape Coast Flooring may go away in time, but under no circumstances can Cape Coast Flooring be held liable for the appearing, reappearing or the probable disappearing of these marks, which were caused by the fact that the Substrate was not properly prepared.

Floors are left in a good clean condition. Any traffic marks, blemishes or dirt marks caused by negligence or for whatever reason prior to completion, will be the responsibility of the Client.

Cape Coast Flooring will not take responsibility for blemishes, marks, insects, bird droppings, hair, animal hair or any other matter blown onto uncomplete floors. This will be for the account of the Client.


A soft Spaghetti mop or the like is recommended. Use only luke-warm water with Sunlight Dishwashing Liquid as cleaning agent.

Please do not use any ammonia products (“Handy Andy”), thinners or any other harsh chemicals or detergents on the floors as it will damage. If unsure about cleaning, please contact us for advice