Cape Coast Flooring offers Various Quality Flooring Solutions.


Cape Coast Flooring guarantees you a value-added service and experience. The result of our work speaks for itself. We take immense pride in our service, products, and workmanship while assisting you with our assorted options of Flooring Solutions.

These include the following:



This solution is used predominantly indoors. The lustrous feel of the mottled marble finished overlay provides a 5mm cementitious screed. It is suitable for screeding over wall substrates as well as installing over existing floors. There is a wide range of colours from which to choose. We will gladly custom-mix colours for our clients.

Some Helpful Hints:

On the industrial and commercial side, this flooring solution is often found in restaurants and pubs.

One may use it with great creativity and versatility in one’s home as an eye-catching feature floor or wall. To give one’s dining room that perfect finish, use it to make your floor decorative and attractive. Because you have a wide choice of colours from which to choose or even custom manufacture, you may choose the perfect colour to fit in with the theme of your décor.



We strive to add cutting-edge beauty to every home by providing a unique look that makes its statement. The Stone Carpet solution is suitable for both indoors and outdoors, making it versatile and allowing for a flow of continuity if desired. We aim to exceed our client’s expectations and share their delight in the result.

With a lifespan of 30 years plus and an extensive colour range of combinations, this anti-slip surface is a safe option to prevent falling. It is naturally pleasing to the eye, dust free, and the warmest type of flooring on the market.

Some Helpful Hints:

In the business world, this is used at many plant nurseries as borders too.

Residentially, this choice of flooring is a creative alternative around a swimming pool as opposed to pavers. It has a unique appearance and may look most attractive in a home atrium.



This epoxy flooring solution is laid on top of concrete, floors for protection as well as its aesthetic appearance. It may also be laid over steel and other substrates. It needs to cure completely to provide protection. This flooring solution forms a strong and permanent bond.

These epoxy high-build systems may be customized according to the client’s choice of colour, style, and decorative choice. This type of flooring has many advantages and benefits as opposed to other flooring systems. It may be applied as a smooth, easy-to-clean floor coating with a wide choice of colours and finishes, such as gloss, satin, and matte.

This two-component solvent-free epoxy resin-based floor coating protects from dirt, chemicals, such as motor oil, and other industrial pollutants. Cleaning this type of flooring is quick and easy with the use of a mop and a general-purpose cleaner.

Some Helpful Hints:

Commercially, this is an ideal floor for a garage as it does not require waxing or buffing and provides a great long – term value choice. It can withstand a lot of hard traffic from a wide variety of equipment and industrial processes along with foot, truck, and forklift traffic. Being so durable, it provides the ideal solution for most industrial and engineering industries.

Epoxy is a great choice for public restroom floors because it is slip-resistant, helping to prevent falls. In addition, epoxy is an antibacterial surface that can help keep your restrooms clean and healthy. For these reasons, epoxy is a great choice for public restroom floors.

For residential spaces that use epoxy flooring—like patios or garages—homeowners can expect to keep their epoxy flooring looking great for even longer. Typically, residential epoxy flooring can last up to 10 years with proper care!



This is one of the most durable, practical, and cost-effective flooring solutions.

Some Helpful Hints:

Therefore, commercially it is seen most frequently in retail stores, warehouses, manufacturing facilities, restaurants, schools, and office buildings amongst others. Not only is it visually appealing, but it is also a practical solution.

In one’s home, it is trendy to now use this flooring solution for one’s bathroom as it is easy to sustain a hygienic environment with polished concrete. It does not support mold growth and its low-maintenance finish means it’s quick and easy to clean.



While this flooring solution is available in a wide range of colours, it is monotoned and looks and feels like a “stoep paint.” It is applied as a roll-on floor, with a long-life expectancy.

In comparison to epoxy flooring, polyurethane flooring is more heat resistant and can withstand heat up to twice the degrees as epoxy. The difference between these two flooring options comes down to one’s preferences and requirements. One solution is not necessarily better than the other. Durability is the only real significant difference

Some Helpful Hints:

In the commercial world, this is ideal for warehouses, garages, and outside areas. It is UV-stable and has an anti-slip floor. Polyurethane is an extremely durable a flexible synthetic material. Like epoxy flooring, its finish is also smooth and visually appealing. This makes choosing polyurethane flooring most suitable for modern environments. As safety is a top priority in any business, polyurethane is the most popular choice due to its anti-slip properties.

These floors are also easy to clean and maintain. They do not trap dirt and do not require much scrubbing, waxing, and polishing.

Polyurethane floors are generally softer and more elastic than epoxy, making them better resistant to scratching. This makes them most suitable for spaces like multi-deck car parks which experience high foot traffic.

In residential properties, one may use polyurethane in a playroom or a teenager’s pad, especially if he loves his music blasting. Our PU Resin Comfort Floor system, as standard, will provide up to 10Db acoustic reduction between floors (i.e. if applied between floors over timber joist). However, opting for the flex rubber base system will provide up to a 19Db acoustic saving, which in non-specialists’ terms is the difference between a whisper and a shout.

The PU resin floor systems also benefit from being water-resistant, 100% UV stable, simple to maintain and clean, and available in any colour.



This solution may be poured directly over an existing surface if the underlying substrate is strong and structurally sound. The only situations where terrazzo overlay should not be poured over an existing floor is when there is a soft material down like a carpet, vinyl, or VCT as well as if a tile is loose or broken

Some Helpful Hints:

Commercially, the practical, easy-to-clean properties of resin mean that the colours, pattern, and shimmer of the floor won’t deteriorate in the face of heavy foot traffic, frequent cleaning, high heels, food, and drink spillages – all the operational challenges that busy commercial venues such as shopping centers, airports, theme parks, and restaurants face daily.

In the home environment, this flooring solution may be used in kitchens and bathrooms. Once sealed to ensure water resistance, it can be applied to any interior wall or floor. Terrazzo retains warmth effectively, so it is a great choice for underfloor heating.



This flooring solution is mostly used in commercial areas where the floor is subjected to hot fluid spillage, steam cleaning, heavy traffic, impact, and chemical attack. Such areas of application include food processing factories, chemical processing plants, and pharmaceutical products for use in wet and dry processing areas.

Some Helpful Hints:

Polyurethane finish in the home environment, as a liquid resin may be used to coat wood flooring and other wood surfaces, such as cabinets and furniture. As a synthetic floor finish, polyurethane is made from raw materials that are derived from crude oil. Polyurethane floor finish comes in either water-based or oil-based versions.



Feature walls have become the new and trendy way of transforming rooms creatively and attractively. They become a focal point that adds interest to any environment.

Some Helpful Hints:

In the commercial world, feature walls and countertops may be found in hotels, spas, and showrooms. They provide a sense of high end finish and thus are found mostly in upmarket commercial environments.

Feature walls in the home, work best when they’re used to highlight an interesting architectural detail, like an asymmetrical wall or a fireplace. They can also give a room without any architectural features a focal point – for example, by highlighting the wall where the TV sits or the wall behind the headboard in a bedroom.

Countertops can also be equipped with drawers that can store various materials depending on where they are installed. They are used traditionally in kitchens and bathrooms to liven the space apart from giving the intended function.