Concrete Feature Walls & Counter Tops

Feature Walls & Counter Tops

Feature walls have evolved to become one of the best ways to transform a room, create an accent wall, or even add some interest.

Feature walls have become the new and trendy way of transforming rooms creatively and attractively. They become a focal point that adds interest to any environment.

Some Helpful Hints:

In the commercial world, feature walls and countertops may be found in hotels, spas, and showrooms. They provide a sense of high-end finish and thus are found mostly in upmarket commercial environments.

Feature walls in the home, work best when they’re used to highlight an interesting architectural detail, like an asymmetrical wall or a fireplace. They can also give a room without any architectural features a focal point – for example, by highlighting the wall where the TV sits or the wall behind the headboard in a bedroom.

Countertops can also be equipped with drawers that can store various materials depending on where they are installed. They are used traditionally in kitchens and bathrooms to liven the space apart from giving the intended function.

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