Marble Screed Floors

Marble Screeding Floor Solutions

Marble Screeds or Marble Screed Floors are mainly used for indoor purposes, this marble-mottled finished overlay system has a lustrous feel. It is a 5mm cementitious screed that is suitable for installation over an existing floor or wall substrate. There is a wide range of colours and custom-made.

This solution is used predominantly indoors. The lustrous feel of the mottled marble finished overlay provides a 5mm cementitious screed. It is suitable for screeding over wall substrates as well as installing over existing floors. There is a wide range of colours from which to choose. We will gladly custom-mix colours for our clients.

Some Helpful Hints:

On the industrial and commercial side, this flooring solution is often found in restaurants and pubs.

One may use it with great creativity and versatility in one’s home as an eye-catching feature floor or wall. To give one’s dining room that perfect finish, use it to make your floor decorative and attractive. Because you have a wide choice of colours from which to choose or even custom manufacture, you may choose the perfect colour to fit in with the theme of your décor.

Marble Screed Floors