Will you believe me when I tell you that a screed floor can actually be warmer than stone of tiles? Cement has a very high thermal mass, which really just means that it can hold temperature.

So, for winter on our doorstep, your cement based foto will keep your room nice and cozy once the heaters are switched off as it absorbs and retains the heat which in turn lowers he usage of heating units and thus saves on electricity.

The very smooth appearance of a screed floor works well with carpets and rugs in terms of a new interior design or style but also insisting to heat insulation.


Durability, a very strong floor for a home or commercial area (26-28mpa strength)

Cost effectiveness and longevity, a floor that well outlast your initial investment. Rarely needs replacement and remains time-less and classic.

Cement-based floors rarely need replacement , especially if properly installed and maintained.


We believe on a two-bucket system one being filled with clean water the other with Luke-warm water and sunlight detergent (Do note use any product that may contain – ammonia)

Use a good quality mop by applying mop in detergent water and cleaning a section of the floor and then applying contaminated mop in to clean water before applying it back into the detergent bucket and continue process throughout.

Odorless, marble screed floors is odorless and does not hold pet smells, dust, fleas etc. A very hygienic floor choice.

Non toxic, these Floors do not emit any VOCs ( volatile organic compounds)

Will it crack?

A question we get on a weekly basis from clients is “will it crack” . By nature, cement is not flexible so temperatures causing the contraction and expansion might result in finer or thin cracks. These cracks are considered normal and add to natural element and the look and feel. Larger, more linear cracks are mostly caused by lack of expansion joints which are routed in the substrate m. We will ensure that we have cut these joints into the screeds before applying a cement based finish as this will help eliminate these larger unsightly cracks .

Screeding a floor is the simple act of applying a well blended mixture of cement with graded aggregates and water to a floor base, in order to form a sturdy sun floor that is capable of taking on the final floor finish or act as final wearing surface. Nonetheless, as simple as this process might sound, there is a lot more to screeding than trowling on the cement sand mixture . It is on the most vital steps in flooring that plays a major role in ensuring quality, finish and durability of the entire flooring.

5 essential steps to get your floor screeding right: 

  1. The right floor screeding contractor
  2. The right floor screed
  3. The right screed mix
  4. The right process for installing the screed.
  5. The measures for screed protection.

The right Floor Screeding Contractor

The right screeding contractor would hold extensive experience, a skilled work force and modern equipment, be up to date with the latest technology and have strong references to back up their claims. The more experienced, the better adept the screener with in managing the nuances of screeding all the way through planning, choice of screed, mix design, screed laying and screed protection to delivering on time and within the agreed budget. Well someone like Cape Coast Flooring

The industrial epoxy revolution is here. Why you should join in.

Epoxy floors are everywhere and it nance crossed your path, either in a residential, or commercial setting. The real question to ask is why this floor trend is growing so much in popularity? Other than the aesthetic reasons of beauty and decor, there is also a range of functional reason why this floor is the smart choice for business managers and property owners. This floor finish can add a wide range of values to your property of facility ranging from antibacterial additives that keeps bacteria at bay to anti-slip additives that protects you from law suites.

The many properties that can be realized by hiring an epoxy experts like Cape Coast Flooring are:

  1. Antibacterial Properties

With the rise of antibiotic resistant strains of bacteria and the growing health concerns that come from exposure to mold, many facilities now require that hard surfaces l, like flooring and coatings, support their fern and mold-fighting efforts. At Cape Coast Flooring, our antibacterial epoxy flooring and other resinous coatings are powerful enough to meet todays challenges , formulated to provide protection that stays strong and doesn’t fade l. This epoxy defense system and antibacterial protection is regularly chosen by facilities with high standards for sanitation and hygiene, including,

  • Medical manufacturing facilities for hospitals
  • Medical research and laboratories
  • Food and beverage processing plants
  • Commercial kitchens
  • Locker rooms and shower rooms

Cape Coast Flooring goed the extra mile to reduce the likelihood of cracking and peeling as is the case with cheaper brands.


Cape Coast Flooring additives reduces odors!!

  1. Safety | Anti slip

Is is so easy for an employee or even a business visitor to slip on your premises. CCF epoxy floors contains anti slip additives to provide extra grip to area that tend to be at risk a fall accident. In addition, epoxy floors provide an impermeable layer of protection that will pool liquids for easy inde tofu Arion of the spill, then even easier clean up. Epoxy floors also require less maintenance as it Do not require constant waxing, thus saving a few rands.

  1. Natural ambient lighting reduces electricity bills

I am sure you’re wondering how a floor has an effect on electrical consumption but it can play a major role in improving lighting and cutting the costs when an epoxy floor with high light reflectivity is implemented in your office building floors, hotels, restaurants, and other public facility. The saves energy by reducing artificial lighting requirements and or reducing necessary output levels, thus cutting costs of electric required to achieve the same level of lighting.

  1. Epoxy floors are long lasting and durable 

CCF goes the extra mile to reduce the likelihood of cracking and peeling as is the case with cheaper brands. Choose from a wide variety of colors that will compliment your space, or request a creative inlay if that is what floats your boat. If heavy industrial traffic does make its mark over time, epoxy floors can be lightly sanded and re-coated at a fraction of the initial cost to have them back to a showroom shine. Discussing your specific needs with reputable epoxy installer like CAPE COAST FLOORING, www.CapeCoastFlooring.co.za is the best way to ensure you’re getting the right product, providing the best protection for your commercial or industrial needs. If you are interested in having in of our epoxy experts speak with you about the unique needs of your business, click or call today for obligation quote.

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